July 11, 2023

Our Commitment to Our Community

Our Commitment to Our Community

We know how important it is to not just buy a product that will last, but also know where it came from and how it was made. We take our social commitments very seriously, from materials sourcing to paying our employees. Therefore, you can be certain that every pair of Stitchwalker boots supports the following:

*Our antler buttons are sourced from naturally shed racks and follow a very strict set of rules to avoid poaching and excessive travel in protected areas.

*The leather is sourced from individual hunters or as byproducts of the meat industry and the tanning process is strictly regulated.

*Leather scraps are used on increasingly detailed parts of the boots, and what is not possible to use is sold or donated to other vendors who can turn it into their own beautiful products.

*Rubber scraps are shipped to a rubber recycling facility and turned into playground rubber mulch.

*All boots are made in the USA and paid at or above a “livable wage” so that our artists and their families can feel supported and inspired for you always.

*Whenever possible, Stitchwalker orders in massive quantities to decrease the carbon expense of shipping.

*Our orders are done online or within the local area in order to decrease overhead expenses and put more money into our artist’s family’s pockets.

*Our shops are located within our homes to decrease overhead costs and allow our artists the freedom to work how and when they are the happiest.