April 28, 2023

An Inclusive Boot Company

We are surprised how often we are asked whether our boots are “men’s” or “women’s.” Nothing we make is prefabricated, so you can stop putting yourself into a box! Every pair of boots is made to the measurements of that customer and designed by them, however they choose.

Stitchwalker prides itself in accommodating everyone, no matter their needs or identifiers. So whether you have a shoe size that is smaller or larger than what is normally sold in stores, you want colors or details that aren’t traditionally sold as “men’s” or “women’s,” or are just tired of trying to squeeze your foot (literally or guratively) into a cookie cutter shoe, we have you covered.

We believe a foot is a foot, and the person attached to it deserves a great experience and quality footwear. And to put our money where our mouth is, here are some examples of what we have done in the past.

  • size 20 boots for professional athletes
  • Knee-highs for people under 5 foot tall and smaller than a size 5
  • Shoes for people with back issues, prosthetics, and using wheelchairs or permanent braces
  • Custom creations for Pride events and weddings