April 28, 2023

The Crafting of Custom Handmade Boots – One Pair at a Time

Well-crafted handmade boots are nothing short of art. The process requires a mastery of many different skill sets, a great attention to detail, and years of experience. While many companies claim to be “custom,” you are often only choosing from a few prefabricated options that are quick to put together. When you are ready to order a pair of truly tailored boots from Stitchwalker, here is what you can expect.

The Selection

We begin the process by letting you select the type of leather, height, color(s), buttons, design elements, sole, laces, and finishing touches. While you may choose to have us recreate any of our past commissions you see, you can also work with us on your own unique vision. We are happy to create the art for you, or you can get more involved if you are artistically inclined.
Currently, many of these options are available on our website. When you are ready, please pay in full for your choices available online.

A Conversation With the Artist

After the initial design phase, you may look forward to having a one-to-one conversation with one of our design team members. This is when you get to share specific details or requirements such as foot issues, the need for extra artwork, or other detailing options not listed on the website. If you’ve opted for any further upgrade at this point, we will request your full payment before beginning measurements.

The Measurement

Measuring your foot is crucial in creating a comfortable pair of custom handmade boots, and we give you two options to get it right. One way is to meet our fitters in person. If we are not close, however, we can send you an easy-to-use, extensive, all-inclusive fitting kit that requires just you and one other person. Once you’ve completed your fitting(s), ship the kit back to us.

The Making of Your Boots

The artists who craft your pair of custom handmade boots will use your soft case fitting to create a two dimensional pattern, adding proper seam allowances and modifications for each of your specific needs. Whether you have high arches, missing toes, differently shaped calves, or anything else unusual, our expert crafters will take care of you.

Your pattern is then used to do the following:

  • Cut all of the leather pieces, perfect their shape, and glue them together
  • Sew design elements separately
  • Sew the front and back pieces together
  • Sew the uppers to the sole
  • Add the vibram sole (if another style is not already stitched on)
  • Hand stitch buttons, add laces, and place sheepskins inside

The Delivery

When you wish to get a pair of custom handmade boots, bear in mind that the entire process takes considerable time. While the industry standard varies between 12 to 18 months, we strive to successfully deliver all orders in six months or less. This is from the time you make your payment and we have received your fitting until your pair is shipped to you. Should any special leathers or artwork require more time for any reason, we will let you know.

Once your pair of handmade custom boots is ready, we give it a thorough once-over to make sure it’s in perfect shape. We clean it to ensure it looks absolutely picture perfect, after which we box it with a thank you note and some candies (because we feel you deserve some appreciation). Then, the box makes its way to its forever home.