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When we say “custom,” we mean a literal endless stream of possibilities. Whether you want us to fit your prosthetic, bring your favorite anime to life, put your favorite art on your boots, or just make you the most comfortable person standing in line, we’ve got you covered. Our artists are skilled in all styles of art, from cartoons to realistic portraits, and can do so in many mediums, including appliqués, beadwork, leather tooling, and embroideries and stitch work. Whatever you dream, we will make it your reality.

Anika Jaan has been creating handmade custom boots since 2012 and has made literally thousands of pairs. Once Anika completed a formal apprenticeship, she wanted to form a custom boot company that promotes superior customer service, strives for high-quality art of all styles, and makes both her employees and customers feel seen. She launched Stitchwalker in 2020. Her husband, two best friends, and several other amazingly awesome artists have now joined her to create an inspired business ready to tackle any boot challenge.

About Handmade Leather Boots & Cosplay Shoes - StitchWalker
Our Leather

Your Options

Starting your masterpiece with a good foundation is crucial. Therefore, we let you choose the type of leather for the main body of the boot. Bull hide is a bit stiffer and less stretchy, comparable to many store-bought knee highs. Bison hide, on the other hand, is a bit thicker with a more noticeable grain and is often more stretchy and floppy. Both will last you many years with minimal care and decades with a bit of attention and finesse.

All of our boots are lined at the bottom with a removable sheep’s wool insert (or faux if you have an allergy) to create an ultra-comfortable slipper feel, while also allowing for machine washing.

We do a lot of detail work with veg tan leather (for embossing/leather tooling) and deer hide (for appliqués), but you can also add stingray, ostrich, snake, fox, and/or coyote hides as details.

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About our Artists

Anika Jaan

“The Boss,” Visionary, And CEO

At one point in time, Anika worked on every aspect of each boot herself. Since then, she has enjoyed adding new people to the team, who bring extra expertise and fresh pair of eyes. Anika loves realism painting and recreating cartoons, portraits, and other artwork on boots. She enjoys sewing as well as hiking with her family and reading.

John E Jaan

Head Of The Button Division, Branding Consultant

John is all about the details, be it through button tying, polishing boots, or helping customers choose intricate details. He doubles up as a top visionary for booth designs, repairs, and builds. His favorite task is making antler buttons. When not working, he enjoys cooking meals (often for others at work), hiking with his family, and gardening.

Amanda Draughn (Dinka)

The “Right Hand” Because Anika Is A Proud Lefty

Amanda is a spreadsheet enthusiast who’s very sharp and helps keep the business organised. She’s a general workshop elf and a specialist in cutting all types of materials, from leather to antler to metal. As a Virgo, she likes to keep the workshop flowing. When away from work, she enjoys relaxing with a coffee and a good book.

Martha Draughn

The Queen of Customer Service

As our sales and design expert, Martha helps you envision your very own pair of boots. She also looks after painting and coloring. Before final packaging, she makes sure your boots are carefully inspected and boxed up for safe delivery. Outside of work, she likes spending time with Dinka, her wife, and their two pups. She also enjoys a tasty beverage by the fire.

Brianna Adair

Brianna brings a formal art education to the table, making her an excellent consultant on “making the boots look good.”  She is completing a full apprenticeship with Anika so she can make boots in her own shop, and you’ll see her at many of our retail locations.  Don’t hesitate to ask for her advice or expertise, as she is passionate about bringing dreams to life.

James Adair

James is an anchor in this business, physically and metaphorically building our booths and client relations everywhere he goes.  If you choose to get fit in person, there’s a big chance you’ll get to work with him.  No matter the order, you can be sure that James will make the experience fun and easy.

Monica Bethelwood Tucker

Artist, Painter, And Concept Designer

Monica loves bringing a customer’s creative vision to reality by using a broad palette that makes way for a multilayered symphony of colors. Her style favors natural, earth-centered, and whimsical designs; and she is intrigued and inspired by archetype and mythological themes. Outside of work, Monica likes tending to the bees and other animals on her farm. She enjoys painting in her studio as well as concocting in the kitchen with her two kids.

We Recycle And Reuse

Our Efforts To Build A Sustainable Future

It’s important to us that we protect our planet and help our fellow artists. All excess soling is sent to a recycling facility that makes rubber mulch for playgrounds. Antler remnants from our buttoning process are sold or donated to other artists, designers, and business owners for numerous products and applications. Any leather we cannot use on boots is used by renaissance festival, Celtic fest, and cosplay vendors to create their own products. If you wish to buy any of our remnants, please reach out!

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Our Testimonials

What Our Customers Say

“Just got my pair that you moved the main stitch on to prevent it from falling along a painful surgery site.  I’m AMAZED.  20-something years of boots being at best unpleasant or at worst cripplingly painful, and AT LAST I HAVE a pair I can unreservedly love.  Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you…There is ZERO doubt we’ll be repeat offenders.”

Ben L.

“We walked in [to a show] and were instantly welcomed with a friendly team of folks. The staff let us know that the makers are artists and like a challenge, so I started asking about some of the custom pieces they had hanging about and asked if a badger could be designed and put on a boot.

I got a big ol resounding “YES!” and had my badger headed sporran on me and Anika burst out of the back room with excitement to take a photo of the badger for reference. Great and warm experience in the sales shop. A few months later I get messages from Anika telling me that she is starting to design my boots and wanted me to approve any artwork ideas we both had. After a few sketches we decided on a celtic style badger and away she went. A few weeks later , I received my new moccasins with instructions on how to care for them. I immediately put them on and they were amazing! By the time I was wearing them at the Festival 2 days later they had already become the perfect fit. A short while later my wife got messages from Anika and the design , crafting , and delivery process began anew. We are both thrilled with the finished product, and have since brought friends to buy their own.”

Andy L.

“ I got a pair of Stitchwalker boots about two years ago. they are a black pair with a Celtic design. They can be worn to the Ren fair or with my every day clothes. the boots are 100% leather and fit me like a glove. Anyone who ever wanted a custom made pair of boots that are absolutely gorgeous, need to get them from Stitchwalker. Their attention to the details is unmatched. They truly care how they look but especially how they fit.”

Beth E.

“ Absolutely wonderful! Better than I could have imagined!”

Ashley H.

“My boots are masterpieces, and works of art. It took me a year to get them, and a year to break them in well enough to wear them comfortably because of the amount of leatherwork I asked for- but as a man who has worn boots for work, for recreation, and for daily wear his entire life, the best boots are the ones that take awhile to tame. Today I wore these boots to the gym with a kilt and worked out with them, preparing to compete in these boots in Highland Games. They have seen mud and rocks and trails and heavy weights, without much sign of wear.

I absolutely love these boots, and the customer service and consultation process in getting them designed and made was a breeze. If you like cowboy boots, or you’ve spent a portion of your life wearing steel toes, trust me- these boots are molded to your feet, filled with sheepskin, and ready to support you all day. They’re a dream.”

Tyler P.