April 28, 2023

The Care of your Boots

Your boots will arrive in perfect condition to wear immediately, no extra steps required. But just like your skin, over time the leather will appreciate some washing and conditioning, so following this care routine will help your boots last you for many more years.

– In dry climates, consistent wear, beating sun, or just general maintenance, occasionally use Bik 4 with a soft cloth and apply in small circles all over your boots. Less than a quarter size of oil on the cloth should cover both shoes. Bik 4 will not darken colors like other leather conditioners and may even keep them brighter. So if you have some really bright or light colors on your boots, we recommend using it even more to protect the vibrance of your pair.

– In case of occasional wear in the desert, snow and rock salt, rain, or regular wear and sweating, use a soft cloth to apply saddle soap in small circles all over your boots. This is a great quick cleaner, but it will dry out your boots, so make sure to follow up with some Bik 4 to soften and condition.

– After a lot of mud or mold, tons of rain, or once a year if you like to go above and beyond, take out the sheepskins and laces, and throw your boots in the washing machine (unless they have beadwork, fur, or other details we recommended to avoid) on a gentle cycle with no detergent. Then let them air dry on a hanger or boot stand where air can reach both the inside and outside of your boots. Sheepskins can be washed with your other socks and laid flat to dry (or you’ll get wrinkles in them!). And again, after washing make sure to Bik 4 the leather to keep it supple and comfortable.

Let us know if you have any other questions!