Sole Type


An outside seam with Vibram soling is most recommended and comes included.

See images for outside vs. inside seam.


Seam Type

Inside ($200), Outside ($0)

Sole Type

Vibram ($0), Vibram with Heel ($75), Conveyor Belt, Leather


Product Information

Outside seams with a Vibram sole are standard and included in the cost of your boots.  Better for daily wear, anyone who pronates or supernates, has foot or leg issues, or wants less expensive resoles.

A second layer of vibram can be added to the heel for extra support and cushion for $75.

Inside seams are a great turn shoe look but are an extra $200 due to the increased labor and materials required.  Inside seams can be Vibram, recycled conveyor belt (to mimic leather but last longer), or genuine leather (not recommended for the average wearer.)



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