Think house slipper or loafer, these are perfect for ease.  If you want a custom shoe, but want to be able to quickly slip it on, this is the option for you.


Boot Height

One, Two, Three

Leather Type

Bull (included), Bison (+$50, $100, $150)

Colors In Bull

None, Pink, Redwood/Burgundy, Engine Red, Golden Yellow, Forest Green, Turquoise, Slate Blue, Navy, Purple, Black, Chocolate Brown, Tobacco brown, Grey, Sand, Cream

Colors in Bison

Black, Chocolate Brown, Tobacco Brown, Saddle, Sand, Redwood/Burgundy, none

Footbed Lining

Sheep Wool, Faux Sheep Wool (only recommended for those with allergies)

Do You have any leg or foot issues, injuries, or special concerns?

Yes, No

Do you already have a set of patterns you'd like to use?

Yes, No


Product Information


*1 buttons (converse high top height)

*2 buttons

*3 buttons (most recommended for ankle support and ease of getting on)


Bull (included in base price)

*on average, a less noticeable grain

*less stretch, holds shape more than bison

*7-8 oz leather


Bison (additional $50 for 1 button, $100 for 2 button, and $150 for 3 button)

*on average, much more grainy, deep grain 

*more likely to have surface scars

*on average, more stretchy and floppy

*8-9 oz weight leather


Sheep Wool

*All boots are lined with wool at the base, making for a soft, comfortable slipper-like feel.  The lining is removable and washable (see our care instructions).  Genuine sheep wool is recommended for comfort and longevity, but we offer a faux wool alternative for anyone with allergies.


Please select “Yes” if your left and right foot are different sizes or widths, have had an injury that changes the size or shape of your foot or leg, have a prosthetic or permanent brace, have bunions or sensitive toe nails, have a pain disorder, or anything else that may affect the fit or comfort of your boots.



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