March 20, 2023

Cosplay Boots and Custom Art

If you’re looking to recreate your favorite anime character, match your thoughtfully curated fairy costume, or show off your own original artwork, we’ve got you covered. Our artists can help bring your vision to life, whether you want realism, cartoon characters, or to have your tattoo recreated on the boots.

Some of our most extensive co-creations with customers have included:

  • Bringing his own comic character to life. This customer had drawn a character with short red boots with a big, loose flap on the top and a huge wing on the side. He had created his own laser engraved wing, but had tried unsuccessfully several times to make the boots himself. After mocking up several variations, we created a removable top flap that could be properly placed after he laced up his boots and had extra support for the weight of the wing. By being able to remove it, he could get the wing exactly where he needed it, without snagging it on other costuming or affecting his ability to wash them.
  • Forging a customer’s own design. No, really! A fine artist asked us to emboss one of her paintings on leather, as she had no experience with the medium. We gave her several picture updates so she could tweak color and design details as needed. One of our designers also helped her curate the other boot options to be aesthetically balanced with her painting.
  • Creating full boot designs. We’ve worked several times with customers to create full body creations, whether that’s a dragon and it’s tail wrapping around the boot, ocean creatures that flow in and out of the lacing tabs, leaves or feathers that cascade down the leg, hundreds of mathematically calculated diamonds for a jester costume, and even pockets or hidden elements in the boot.

And to give you some more ideas, other examples of things we have done include:

  • a watercolor design to recreate the flow of a full sleeve tattoo
  • superhero boots
  • portraits of pets
  • aged, burnt, red splatter, and oiled designs to create more authentic war cosplays
  • creating all white boots and letting the customer use leather paint to paint themselves
  • sending the customer their pattern and instructions to let them design their own art
  • using rainbow and other unusually colored thread
  • left and right or front and back are different colors. Similar to Harley Quinn and other cosplays
  • adding grommets
  • leather leaves or flowers
  • family crests and coat of arms

You can draw mockups or give us reference images of exactly what you’re looking for, and we will do our best to work out the details on our end. But you also don’t need to have an artsy bone in your body! We are here to create the artwork for you based on your needs and general description. We’ll work with you every step of the way to guarantee you are getting exactly what you’re looking for.